How To Make Homemade Natural Organic Deodorant

How To Make Homemade Natural Organic Deodorant

homemade deodorant with coconut oilIf you've been a reader for a reallyyyy long time thank you!!!!, you may remember when I used to post about natural skincare and home cleaning recipes I made at home. If you are in a warmer climate, you can keep your homemade deodorant without baking soda in the fridge and remove a few minutes before applying. It keeps it's shape in the container but when I put it on it's very creamy (not like regular stick) Is there something that I can add, or take away, to make it a little harder! So I let it melt outside the fridge and poured it into a jar, and stick my finger in and get a pea sized amount and smear it on my armpits. Thank you for all of your really great ideas, we are actually tackling our oven this weekend using your description and the baking soda method….wish us luck!!

When I quit wearing antiperspirant, I sought out and tried numerous brands of organic deodorant. Coconut oil is antibacterial which kills the critters that smell up our pits in ways that some find offensive (I used to be offended to, but now I tend to love the natural healthy smells of people). However, some people have found that the baking soda will give them a rash, which I think someone mentioned above. I talk about how Bentonite clay heals acne, cures problematic skin and my personal experience + tips.

I've been hearing so much about coconut oil lately - this is one more reason I need to track down some! I use 76 degree to make soap, the 92 degree for lotion bars and the fractionated for bath oil or massage oil. Update #2: If your new deodorant is making you itchy, read this helpful article about pH balancing.

For awhile I had just been using a small amount of coconut oil with a drop of tea tree oil under my arms, and while it did work, it also didn't last as long as I would have liked. Use tea tree oil as natural antiseptic which modifies the pH value of skin and make it undesirable for the bacteria to survive. Of course, you can also get beeswax pellets from Amazon if you can't find a local source.

What distinguishes these clinical type deodorants from the average deodorant is that they are more expensive and usually contain Aluminum Zirconium Trichlorohydrex Gly 20%. Another option is to rub coconut oil on your armpits (like lotion) and then dust baking soda on with a makeup brush- you can touch up during the day with the powder, which soaks up sweat and smells… an it travels well, too! I thought you should put bentonite clay in plastic or metal; only glass containers.

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